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Richard Peck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Vittles and Vengeance.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Grandma and Mary Alice take a load of the treats to the party, and who serves them?
(a) Grandma.
(b) Mary Alice.
(c) Augie Fluke.
(d) Mrs. Pensinger.

2. Next, Grandma and Mary Alice travel to the _______________ residence.
(a) Pennington's.
(b) Pensingers'.
(c) Penny's.
(d) Peridot's.

3. The pies turn the party from _______________.
(a) Pathetic to fun.
(b) Fun to pathetic.
(c) Games to food.
(d) Large to small.

4. Instead, what does Grandma do?
(a) She unhitches Mildred's horse and hangs Mildred's shoes on the horse.
(b) She tells the neighbor of Mildred's plans.
(c) She goes for jam in the cellar.
(d) She finds Mildred's mother.

5. Why does Grandma believe Mary Alice will not get beat up?
(a) Without a horse or shoes, Mildred will not attend school.
(b) Mildred will be too embarrassed to go to school the next day.
(c) Mildred has been put in her place.
(d) Mildred is too afraid of Grandma.

Short Answer Questions

1. Grandma, acting quite polite, does what?

2. Before Grandma leaves, about what does she warn Mary Alice?

3. The narrator, Mary Alice, gets off the train, and, beyond a few clothes, her only possessions are her cat ____________ and her radio.

4. Who is one of the last to be served?

5. This farmer told Grandma she could have any ___________ that fell from his tree, but hardly any are on the ground.

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