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Richard Peck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Away in a Manger.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Mary Alice thinks Christmas is not exactly Grandma's favorite holiday, Grandma surprises her how?
(a) By telling her it's her favorite holiday.
(b) By buying her a new wardrobe.
(c) By helping her get dressed for the program.
(d) By having her pick out a pair of new shoes to buy from the Sears catalogue.

2. To where does Mildred follow Mary Alice?
(a) To Ina Rae's house.
(b) To Grandma's house at the other end of town.
(c) To the grocery store.
(d) To Augie's house.

3. The big moment arrives, with a light being shone on whom?
(a) Baby Jesus.
(b) Carleen.
(c) Mildred.
(d) Mary Alice.

4. While Grandma is widely known as an excellent markswoman, she will not be competing. Instead, what does she do?
(a) She sits inside and watches.
(b) She helps the wives of the Legionnaires prepare burgoo stew.
(c) She judges the competition.
(d) She spends time with Mary Alice.

5. The Christmas program is getting closer, and while Carleen Lovejoy has a magnificent costume, Mary Alice has only what?
(a) A simple robe.
(b) A new pair of shoes.
(c) Plain bedsheets.
(d) Her everyday clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Grandma react to Mary Alice's arrival?

2. The annual _______________ program at the school is coming.

3. Grandma and Mary Alice take a load of the treats to the party, and who serves them?

4. While Mildred is eating, Grandma walks outside on the pretense that she is doing what?

5. What has broken the narrator and her mother?

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