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Richard Peck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Away in a Manger.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As a last surprise prior to the program, Grandma presents Mary Alice with what?
(a) A case of makeup.
(b) A toy crown.
(c) A new pair of earrings.
(d) A halo she made from tin cans.

2. Every year the _____________________ hosts a sharpshooting contest at the Abernathy farm.
(a) Military Post.
(b) American Legion.
(c) Boy Scouts.
(d) National Rifle Association.

3. What frightens Mary Alice in her room?
(a) Bootsie.
(b) Things scuttling behind the walls and bumps coming from the attic.
(c) The dark.
(d) The shadows on the wall.

4. Where does Grandma make Bootsie live?
(a) In the yard.
(b) In the cobhouse out back.
(c) In her room.
(d) In the basement.

5. What happens when Augie aims his gun at the fleeing rabbit?
(a) He hits his target.
(b) The rabbit races underneath a parked car, and Augie winds up shooting out the new tire of the car.
(c) Mary Alice screams at him.
(d) He changes his mind and does not shoot at the rabbit.

Short Answer Questions

1. The next day, Grandma negotiates a good deal for the hides with whom?

2. The next day, Grandma and Mary Alice drag a wagon to the home of farmer ___________.

3. Christmas time has arrived, and Miss Butler is having the kids make hot pads from what?

4. After school, how does Mildred follow Mary Alice?

5. Why does Grandma do this with the tractor?

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