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Richard Peck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Dangerous Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mrs. Pensinger comes back for seconds on what?
(a) The corn pudding.
(b) The apple pie.
(c) The pumpkin pie.
(d) The almond cookies.

2. As a last surprise prior to the program, Grandma presents Mary Alice with what?
(a) A new pair of earrings.
(b) A toy crown.
(c) A case of makeup.
(d) A halo she made from tin cans.

3. What is wrong with the principal's son?
(a) He has a bald, irritated head and a bandaged nose.
(b) He is wearing glasses.
(c) He is coughing.
(d) He is on crutches.

4. The pies turn the party from _______________.
(a) Pathetic to fun.
(b) Fun to pathetic.
(c) Games to food.
(d) Large to small.

5. What is humorous about the answer to number 59?
(a) The cookies are made from her own almonds.
(b) The pudding is made from her own corn.
(c) The pie is made from her own apples.
(d) The pie is made from her own pumpkins.

Short Answer Questions

1. In response, Grandma plays matchmaker and hosts a dinner with Arnold Green and who?

2. Grandma makes sure to do what with this boy's desert?

3. The Christmas program is getting closer, and while Carleen Lovejoy has a magnificent costume, Mary Alice has only what?

4. How is public opinion affected by changes in Arnold's behavior to impress the woman Grandma introduced to him?

5. Who is the son of the principal?

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