Daily Lessons for Teaching A Year Down Yonder

Richard Peck
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Lesson 1

Objective: Prologue, and Rich Chicago Girl The Prologue introduces the main characters and the setting of the story. This lesson will discuss the Prologue and its purpose.

1) Class Discussion: Summarize the Prologue.

2) Small Group Activity: What is the purpose of the Prologue. Who are the characters? What is learned about each character? What is the setting?

3) Class Discussion: Discuss the students' responses and create a graphic organizer. How might all of this information be significant to the story?

4) Individual Activity: Research Middle America during the Great Depression. What was life like? What was the economy like in this location at this time?

5) Class Discussion: Have the students share their research and create a graphic organizer. How does this region and period compare to your own today?

6) Homework: In what ways does the author help the reader relate to these characters? Why is this important?

Lesson 2

Objective: Prologue...

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