A Year Down Yonder Character Descriptions

Richard Peck
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Grandma Dowdel - This character is Mary Alice's elderly grandmother, and she serves as the heart of the novel.

Mary Alice - This character is fifteen years old at the beginning of the novel. Her parents are so poor that they cannot afford to keep her, so she is shipped off to live with her Grandma in a rural town south of Chicago.

Ina-Rae Gage - This character is a mousy, rail-thin girl in Mary Alice's high school class. She is the one girl who treats Mary Alice with kindness, and they become good friends.

Mildred Burdick - This character is crude and mean and tries to bully Mary Alice into giving her a dollar.

Augie Fluke - This character is the son of the school principal.

Old Man Nyquist - This character is an ancient farmer who has a long and contentious history with Grandma Dowdel...

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