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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Individual Liberties.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rawls accept about his own theory?
(a) That there is a degree of Marxism within it.
(b) That there is a certain amount of Intuitionism present in 'fairness'.
(c) That it is quite socialist.
(d) That it might be hard to apply to the real world.

2. What is John Stuart Mill's Theory of Higher Pleasures?
(a) The belief that feelings are better pleasures than stability, wealth or objects.
(b) The belief that intellectualism, refinement and poetry are better pleasures that dancing, lust or wealth.
(c) The belief that one should spend the most money on the finest things in life.
(d) The belief that going to church is the highest form of pleasure.

3. What is the second principle derived from the Original Position
(a) That the environment is protected.
(b) That the Rich are allowed certain tax breaks.
(c) The education is respected.
(d) That disadvantaged people are provided for.

4. What is the only caveat to a maximum liberty of the individual?
(a) That the individual is god-fearing.
(b) That the individual does not make too much money.
(c) That the individual does not impede anyone else's liberty.
(d) That the individual does not challenge the powers that be.

5. What is the implicit assumption that the Social Contract theory makes?
(a) That there is a God.
(b) That everyone intrinsically knows right from wrong.
(c) That there is some form of agreement between Individual and government.
(d) That there is a scientific truth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which century was Intuitionism first developed?

2. How does the ignorant chooser know what is fair and what is not, according to Rawls?

3. In the chapter “The Original Position,” what does Rawls say must be assumed about the person?

4. Why does Utilitarian thinking not really understand the difference between persons?

5. Who should hold the greatest advantage in Rawls’ ideal society?

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