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Philosophical Tournaments

Pick one of the philosophers from the book and write a short into piece as if they were a famous sportsman; how many arguments have they won? What is their 'killer' move?

Book Promoter

Design a poster, a blurb and a short review for the book as if you (or your team) were book promoters.

Your Very Own Class Contract

Take a large piece of card and, in groups or individually make a contract between the teacher and the class. What freedoms do the students have (as noted within their own Bill of RIghts, see below), and what powers does the Teacher have?

The Waiting Room

Ask the students to draw a map of 'their' Waiting Room as used in Rawls' Original Position' argument. Does it have anything on the walls? What if it had posters and brochures advertising the different types of society on offer...

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