Objects & Places from A Short History of Nearly Everything

Bill Bryson
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The Universe

This was created in a single eruption from a singularity much smaller than an atom.

The Earth

Life here might be because of the object's molten core, which spews energy into the atmosphere and distributes heavier elements.


These objects are eternal; when a person dies, these objects are released into the ecosphere through decomposition and used to form other organisms.

Paired Electrons

Swiss scientists proved the validity of quantum physics by isolating these objects seven miles apart and observing their behavior after causing one to spin.

Stellar's Sea Cow

This was about 30 feet long and weighed about 10 tons; just 27 years, after it was identified, it was extinct.


In 1977, scientists found colonies of these living on and near deep-sea vents off Galapagos.

Alvinellid Worm

This lives in the margins of vents, with its head in water 140 degrees F warmer than the water at its tail...

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