A Short History of Nearly Everything Fun Activities

Bill Bryson
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Word Puzzle

Create a word search or crossword puzzle using at least 20 scientific terms mentioned in Bryson's book.

Poetic Universe

Write a poem describing the vastness and diversity of our universe.

Celestial Wonders

Write your own short dictionary describing, in your own words, 10 to 12 celestial wonders Bryson discusses, including supernovas, asteroids, and Pluto.

Scientific Collage

Select one of the chapters from the book and create a pictorial collage, using pictures from magazines or printed images from the Internet, that illustrates that chapter.


Write a one-page biography on any one of the many scientists Bryson mentions in his book.

Job Description

Select one of the scientific jobs mentioned in "A Short History of Nearly Everything." The job could be laboratory assistant, paleontologist, astronomer, geologist, or any other job of your choice. Do a little research on this job. Then, write a one- to two-page report describing this job...

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