A Short History of Nearly Everything Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Bill Bryson
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Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the existence of bacteria on Earth with the existence of humans. Does one depend on the other? How so? Which organism is more resilient? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Explain why scientists were reluctant to believe evidence of our planet's actual age. How did belief systems get in the way of scientific evidence?

Essay Topic 3

How has man influenced the extinction of plant and animal species? How does the author feel about this influence? What does his writing state or imply about what should be done differently?

Essay Topic 4

Explain the theory that life on Earth was "seeded" from outer space. How was it "seeded"? Where did it come from? How does this theory compare to other theories about the origin of life on our planet?

Essay Topic 5

When Charles Darwin came up with the concept of evolution and natural selection, he was met by...

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