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William Stephenson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shook Britain from its complacency?
(a) Germany's invasion of Norway.
(b) The destruction of the heavy water facility.
(c) Germany's invasion of Portugal.
(d) Russia's invasion of Norway.

2. What company did Stevenson form with two other men?
(a) Canadian Wire Service.
(b) British Broadcasting Company.
(c) American Telephone and Telegraph.
(d) British Arts Corporation.

3. What did Roosevelt promise the King and Queen of England?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Assistance if England was attacked.
(c) Guns and airplanes.
(d) Financial aide.

4. What was the formal name given to the Baker Street Irregulars?
(a) Special Operations Executive.
(b) Central Operations.
(c) Special Baker Outfit.
(d) Baker Executive.

5. What did Stevenson investigate about an aspect of the Phony War?
(a) How quickly communications could happen.
(b) How the German Ambassador intercepts communication between Churchill and Roosevelt.
(c) Why new codes were harder to devise than old codes broken.
(d) Why the codes were being broken.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the British capture just before the invasion of Poland by Germany?

2. Who was running all of German intelligence?

3. What was developed in 1924?

4. In what country was Chamberlain most interested?

5. Who was Colonel Bill Donovan?

Short Essay Questions

1. What began on July 10,1940, and how does Britain respond?

2. What efforts were being made in the field of intelligence and codes among countries that would eventually be at war?

3. How was it evident that the United States was headed for war?

4. Who was Madeleine?

5. How were reports sent out from Bermuda?

6. What was happening At Bletchley with the Enigma?

7. How did Donovan become more involved with Stevenson's work?

8. What was the problem with the sea lanes and what is done?

9. What did Churchill appoint Stevenson to and out of where does he operate?

10. How did Stevenson and Donovan try to delay Hitler's invasion of Russia?

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