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William Stephenson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the papers not arrive?
(a) Von Braun lost them on the way to Sweden.
(b) Greenbaum lost them on the way to Sweden.
(c) Greenbaum lost them on the way to Switzerland.
(d) Rozental lost them on the way to Sweden.

2. What was under the atomic research lab in Copenhagen?
(a) A back-up record of all the research notes.
(b) A huge fusion tunnel.
(c) A heavy water cyclotron.
(d) An atom splitter.

3. How long did it take the Germans to make the Norsk Hydro plant operational again after it was destroyed?
(a) Never.
(b) Three months.
(c) One year.
(d) Two years.

4. When was the invasion fleet for JUBILEE ready?
(a) August 18, 1944.
(b) January 11, 1943.
(c) August 18, 1942.
(d) December 12, 1942.

5. What operation succeeded in deceiving the enemy?
(d) HYDRA.

6. When did Heydrich die?
(a) A year later.
(b) Several months later.
(c) The night of the attack.
(d) One week after the attack.

7. Who had control of the heavy water plant in Norway?
(a) The allies.
(b) No one; it was destroyed.
(c) Hitler.
(d) The heavy water plant was located in Copenhagen.

8. What was Brazil being used as by the Nazis?
(a) A base against the United States.
(b) Nothing because Brazil was unwilling to cooperate.
(c) A place to secret stolen valuables.
(d) A hostage nation.

9. From where had the last four men of the assassination team come?
(a) They were Australians.
(b) They came from the United States.
(c) They were Canadians trained by Stevenson.
(d) They parachuted in.

10. What was the SWALLOW team?
(a) A team to fly in to perform covert operations in France.
(b) A team designed to fly in to perform covert operations in Russia.
(c) The special ops team in the Pacific arena.
(d) A back-up team to Cheese.

11. To whom was CYNTHIA married?
(a) Stevenson.
(b) Sir Roger Donne.
(c) Donovan.
(d) Arthur Pack.

12. How long did the Germans believe it would take them to conquer Russia?
(a) No more than a year.
(b) 36 weeks.
(c) 20 weeks.
(d) 8 months.

13. What was one of Heydirch's duties?
(a) Training Hitler's personal guards.
(b) Screening Hitler's closest associates.
(c) Creating new codes every month.
(d) Figuring out what to do with the Jews.

14. What did the Allies think they had failed to do?
(a) Convince Stalin to remain at war with Hitler.
(b) Break a code concerning D-day.
(c) Destroy the Norsk Hydro plant.
(d) Assassinate Heydrich.

15. Who was CYNTHIA?
(a) An agent recruited by the CIA.
(b) An agent working for the gestapo.
(c) An agent in charge of radio communications in Bermuda.
(d) An agent is recruited by the BSC

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom did Bohr give his important papers and tell to escape?

2. Who spotted the Bismarck off the French coast?

3. For what were the Russians pushing?

4. Who did Roosevelt decide to recognize?

5. What was assembled to give the impression of an invasion at Dieppe?

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