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William Stephenson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who worked at British Intelligence in a sensitive position?
(a) Kim Philby.
(b) Burgess.
(c) Julius Rosenberg.
(d) George Greenglass.

2. What were the British warships forming a trap for?
(a) The Bismarck.
(b) The Prinz Eugen.
(c) The Hannover.
(d) The Pommern.

3. What did the Allies think they had failed to do?
(a) Convince Stalin to remain at war with Hitler.
(b) Break a code concerning D-day.
(c) Destroy the Norsk Hydro plant.
(d) Assassinate Heydrich.

4. What was captured in the St. Lawrence in December 1941?
(a) Two Islands.
(b) The Swedish head of intelligence.
(c) The Polish crown prince.
(d) The Russian chief of staff.

5. What did Hoover not find credible?

6. What did Hitler use to make decisions?
(a) A conference of his four most trusted advisors.
(b) Astrology.
(c) Tea Leaves.
(d) I Ching.

7. What reached the Italian Embassy in Rio?
(a) Two KGB agents who were working for the United States.
(b) Several exposed double agents.
(c) Intelligence about the next thrust of Hitler's plan for Latin America.
(d) Some of the money transferred to Mexico.

8. How did the Germans retaliate for Heydrich's death?
(a) Ordering a dusk to dawn curfew.
(b) Setting fire to the crops.
(c) Killing 100 Czechs every evening.
(d) Bombed Bilovec until it was all rubble.

9. What plans were begun in August 1941?
(a) For the assassination of Von Braun.
(b) For the assassination of Heydirch.
(c) For the assassination of Hitler.
(d) For the assassination of Roosevelt

10. When did the relations between British and American intelligence become strained?
(a) After TROY.
(b) After SPARTA.
(c) After TORCH.
(d) After PHARAOH.

11. What did the men throw at Heydrich's car as it passed them?
(a) Flowers to confuse him.
(b) A grenade.
(c) Acid.
(d) A letter with an ultimatum.

12. Who did CYNTHIA ask for help in obtaining the French naval ciphers?
(a) De Gaulle.
(b) Mapausant.
(c) No one.
(d) Brousse.

13. When did Heydrich die?
(a) Several months later.
(b) One week after the attack.
(c) The night of the attack.
(d) A year later.

14. On account of what did J. Edgar Hoover blame Stevenson's request for information was not answered.
(a) Misinterpreted codes.
(b) A downed radio station.
(c) A lack of personnel to process the request.
(d) Communist sympathizers.

15. What was one of Heydirch's duties?
(a) Screening Hitler's closest associates.
(b) Figuring out what to do with the Jews.
(c) Creating new codes every month.
(d) Training Hitler's personal guards.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the lab and experiments of the man in #157 grow?

2. Where did the French have gold hidden?

3. Who continued his work in Copenhagen?

4. What was the SWALLOW team?

5. What was assembled to give the impression of an invasion at Dieppe?

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