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William Stephenson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was CYNTHIA?
(a) An agent in charge of radio communications in Bermuda.
(b) An agent is recruited by the BSC
(c) An agent working for the gestapo.
(d) An agent recruited by the CIA.

2. Who spotted the Bismarck off the French coast?
(a) A French resistance worker who calls it in over Stevenson's network.
(b) The Prince of Wales.
(c) A British fighter plane.
(d) An American plane on loan to the British.

3. What operation succeeded in deceiving the enemy?
(b) HYDRA.

4. Who had control of the heavy water plant in Norway?
(a) No one; it was destroyed.
(b) The allies.
(c) The heavy water plant was located in Copenhagen.
(d) Hitler.

5. Why was J. Edgar Hoover angry?
(a) Because Roosevelt left him out of some important planning sessions.
(b) Because Roosevelt makes him hire several of Donovan's cronies.
(c) At Bill Donovan's appointment.
(d) Because the United States is willing to ally with communist Russia.

6. What correspondence was CYNTHIA asked to obtain?
(a) Between the Vichy French and Europe.
(b) Between Austria and Germany.
(c) Between Hitler and Mussolini.
(d) Between Stalin and Hitler.

7. Where did the French have gold hidden?
(a) In Brazil.
(b) In the West Indies.
(c) At a fort on Martinique.
(d) At a fort on Gibraltar.

8. With whom did CYNTHIA form liaisons?
(a) The exiled royalty from several occupied European countries.
(b) The Polish Prince.
(c) The head of the Nazi gestapo.
(d) Member of Poland's Foreign Service.

9. To whom did Bohr give his important papers and tell to escape?
(a) Stefan Rozental.
(b) No one.
(c) Warner Von Braun.
(d) Clyde Greenbaum.

10. What reached the Italian Embassy in Rio?
(a) Several exposed double agents.
(b) Intelligence about the next thrust of Hitler's plan for Latin America.
(c) Some of the money transferred to Mexico.
(d) Two KGB agents who were working for the United States.

11. What did Bohr refuse?
(a) To stop his work and move to England.
(b) To sabotage the plant.
(c) To try to assassinate Hitler the next time Hitler visited.
(d) To turn over his research notes to scientists in the United States.

12. When did Heydrich die?
(a) Several months later.
(b) A year later.
(c) The night of the attack.
(d) One week after the attack.

13. With whom did Stevenson battle about U.S. companies and their foreign subsidiaries doing business with the Nazis?
(a) Churchill.
(b) John L. Lewis.
(c) J. Edgar Hoover.
(d) Donovan.

14. How long did it take the Germans to make the Norsk Hydro plant operational again after it was destroyed?
(a) One year.
(b) Two years.
(c) Never.
(d) Three months.

15. Who was "TRICYCLE"?
(a) The code name for the new coding machine.
(b) A program designed to track the German bombers.
(c) The name of an agent in Russia.
(d) The code name for a Yugoslave named Dusko Popov.

Short Answer Questions

1. What plans were begun in August 1941?

2. How were German U-boats located?

3. What did the Nazis begin to do in Denmark?

4. What helped make the D-Day invasion easier for Allied bombers?

5. Where was an assassination team waiting to kill Heydrich?

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