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William Stephenson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What operation succeeded in deceiving the enemy?
(a) HYDRA.

2. Where was the German radar?
(a) Hanover.
(b) Brest.
(c) Hamburg.
(d) Dieppe.

3. Who had a relationship with I. B. Farben?
(a) Standard Oil.
(b) British Petroleum.
(c) Shell Oil.
(d) Giant Oil.

4. How did the Brits send Bohr a message?
(a) Via an Enigma drum.
(b) In holes bored in two keys.
(c) Through an agent who parachuted in.
(d) By a radio-encrypted signal.

5. Who was "TRICYCLE"?
(a) The name of an agent in Russia.
(b) The code name for the new coding machine.
(c) The code name for a Yugoslave named Dusko Popov.
(d) A program designed to track the German bombers.

6. What did the Americans learn the value of when the Bismarck was found and sunk?
(a) Radio traffic analysis.
(b) Cooperation among allies.
(c) Using the Enigma machine.
(d) The Americans' help.

7. What ship was sunk in the area of Norway?
(a) The Dorsetshire.
(b) The Prince of Wales.
(c) The Hood.
(d) The Prinz Eugen.

8. Who was transferring large sums of money to Mexico?
(a) Himmler.
(b) Russian KGB agents.
(c) Italian diplomats.
(d) Goebbels.

9. Through whom did the United States pass arms to the British?
(a) The Australians.
(b) The Canadians.
(c) The Irish.
(d) The Scots.

10. What were the Russians considering?
(a) Conceding some land to England.
(b) A peace offer by Hitler.
(c) Allowing China to join their push against Hitler's forces.
(d) Withdrawing to the interior of Russia.

11. What did the BSC work to keep from happening in Mexican ports?
(a) Sale of munitions to Japan.
(b) German ships resupplying there.
(c) Sabotage of U. S. naval vessels.
(d) Sale of munitions to Germany.

12. What was Brazil being used as by the Nazis?
(a) A place to secret stolen valuables.
(b) A base against the United States.
(c) Nothing because Brazil was unwilling to cooperate.
(d) A hostage nation.

13. What did the German's revenge spark?
(a) Several more European countries to join the allies.
(b) Russia joining the allies.
(c) Nothing.
(d) The resistance movement.

14. What was the SWALLOW team?
(a) A team to fly in to perform covert operations in France.
(b) A team designed to fly in to perform covert operations in Russia.
(c) The special ops team in the Pacific arena.
(d) A back-up team to Cheese.

15. To whom was CYNTHIA married?
(a) Donovan.
(b) Stevenson.
(c) Sir Roger Donne.
(d) Arthur Pack.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who spotted the Bismarck off the French coast?

2. Why did the British sink the French fleet at Oran?

3. What was captured in the St. Lawrence in December 1941?

4. For what were the Russians pushing?

5. What was the code name for the invasion of French North Africa?

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