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William Stephenson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Bohr refuse?
(a) To turn over his research notes to scientists in the United States.
(b) To sabotage the plant.
(c) To try to assassinate Hitler the next time Hitler visited.
(d) To stop his work and move to England.

2. What were the British warships forming a trap for?
(a) The Hannover.
(b) The Bismarck.
(c) The Prinz Eugen.
(d) The Pommern.

3. What did the Germans spend years doing prior to WWII in the United States?
(a) Establishing a spy network.
(b) Engaging in espionage especially about the plans for the atomic bomb.
(c) Buying land in remote areas.
(d) Consolidating the interests of their industrial concerns.

4. How did the Germans retaliate for Heydrich's death?
(a) Setting fire to the crops.
(b) Ordering a dusk to dawn curfew.
(c) Bombed Bilovec until it was all rubble.
(d) Killing 100 Czechs every evening.

5. What was the SWALLOW team?
(a) A team designed to fly in to perform covert operations in Russia.
(b) The special ops team in the Pacific arena.
(c) A team to fly in to perform covert operations in France.
(d) A back-up team to Cheese.

6. Who was transferring large sums of money to Mexico?
(a) Himmler.
(b) Russian KGB agents.
(c) Italian diplomats.
(d) Goebbels.

7. What did the men throw at Heydrich's car as it passed them?
(a) A letter with an ultimatum.
(b) A grenade.
(c) Acid.
(d) Flowers to confuse him.

8. Why did the lab and experiments of the man in #157 grow?
(a) He was Hitler's brother-in-law and received special treatment.
(b) He had unlimited funding from Hitler.
(c) He finally figured out the correct sequence for fusion.
(d) He finally figured out the correct sequence for fission.

9. What did Stevenson plant to imply a plot against President Vargas?
(a) Several anonymous phone calls.
(b) A red herring.
(c) A video.
(d) Foreged letters and documents.

10. What was captured in the St. Lawrence in December 1941?
(a) The Swedish head of intelligence.
(b) The Polish crown prince.
(c) Two Islands.
(d) The Russian chief of staff.

11. How long did it take the Germans to make the Norsk Hydro plant operational again after it was destroyed?
(a) Never.
(b) Two years.
(c) Three months.
(d) One year.

12. What did Stevenson wire Churchill about Donovan?
(a) That Roosevelt had fired him.
(b) That he agreed to coordinate all intelligence.
(c) That he was suspected of spy work for the Germans.
(d) That he was retiring due to illness.

13. Where was an assassination team waiting to kill Heydrich?
(a) In Heydrich's personal quarters.
(b) At the airport from which Heydrich was flying.
(c) In the assembly building.
(d) At a hair pin curve.

14. What enabled the the invasion fleet for North Africa pass through the Straights of Gibraltar?
(a) A nighttime passage.
(b) Misinformation that sent the Germans towards Dakar.
(c) Continuous bombing of the German forces in the area.
(d) The fake invasion at Brest.

15. Through whom did the United States pass arms to the British?
(a) The Scots.
(b) The Irish.
(c) The Australians.
(d) The Canadians.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the BSC work to keep from happening in Mexican ports?

2. What operation succeeded in deceiving the enemy?

3. What reached the Italian Embassy in Rio?

4. Who spotted the Bismarck off the French coast?

5. What did the Allies use at first to try to attack the heavy water plant?

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