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William Stephenson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were the Russians considering?
(a) Allowing China to join their push against Hitler's forces.
(b) Conceding some land to England.
(c) A peace offer by Hitler.
(d) Withdrawing to the interior of Russia.

2. What did some agents use for money when desperate?
(a) Stolen money.
(b) Counterfeit currency.
(c) Money intended for the local populace.
(d) Laundered money.

3. Who was Aage?
(a) Bohr's co-worker.
(b) Bohr's son.
(c) Bohr's brother-in-law.
(d) An agent who spirited Bohr out of Denmark.

4. What was assembled to give the impression of an invasion at Dieppe?
(a) Nothing.
(b) A bevy of missles that were not actually armed.
(c) Misleading intelligence broadcasted over a frequency that was known to be compromised.
(d) 250 ships and thousands of soldiers.

5. With whom did CYNTHIA form liaisons?
(a) The Polish Prince.
(b) The exiled royalty from several occupied European countries.
(c) The head of the Nazi gestapo.
(d) Member of Poland's Foreign Service.

6. What did Hoover not find credible?

7. What did the Nazis begin to do in Denmark?
(a) Round up the Danish royal family.
(b) Conscript Danish men.
(c) Round up Jews.
(d) Ship Danes to work as virtual slaves on missle projects.

8. How did the Brits send Bohr a message?
(a) In holes bored in two keys.
(b) Through an agent who parachuted in.
(c) Via an Enigma drum.
(d) By a radio-encrypted signal.

9. Who did the British and Americans want to get out of Denmark?
(a) Van Braun.
(b) Niels Bohr.
(c) Magaras.
(d) Einstein.

10. To whom was CYNTHIA married?
(a) Stevenson.
(b) Arthur Pack.
(c) Sir Roger Donne.
(d) Donovan.

11. What was spotted in Norway in May of 1941?
(a) The Eagle.
(b) The Bismarck.
(c) The Essex.
(d) The Queen Victoria.

12. Why was J. Edgar Hoover angry?
(a) Because Roosevelt makes him hire several of Donovan's cronies.
(b) At Bill Donovan's appointment.
(c) Because Roosevelt left him out of some important planning sessions.
(d) Because the United States is willing to ally with communist Russia.

13. Who did Roosevelt decide to recognize?
(a) Stevenson.
(b) Donovan.
(c) The Vichy French.
(d) The exiled Swedish government.

14. How long did the Germans believe it would take them to conquer Russia?
(a) 20 weeks.
(b) 8 months.
(c) No more than a year.
(d) 36 weeks.

15. To whom did Bohr give his important papers and tell to escape?
(a) Warner Von Braun.
(b) Stefan Rozental.
(c) Clyde Greenbaum.
(d) No one.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the papers not arrive?

2. Who did Roosevelt send to Britain?

3. How were German U-boats located?

4. When did Hitler declare war on the United States?

5. Who worked at British Intelligence in a sensitive position?

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