A Man Called Intrepid: The Secret War Quiz | Two Week Quiz A

William Stephenson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31-34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who traveled to London to meet with the King?
(a) Roosevelt.
(b) Truman.
(c) Bill Donovan.
(d) Joseph Kennedy.

2. Who had a relationship with I. B. Farben?
(a) Standard Oil.
(b) British Petroleum.
(c) Shell Oil.
(d) Giant Oil.

3. When did Hitler declare war on the United States?
(a) December 7, 1941.
(b) December 11, 1941.
(c) January 7, 1942.
(d) January 11, 1942.

4. What were the Americans doing in the field of codes?
(a) Trying to break Japanese code.
(b) Working on a unbreakable code.
(c) Trying to teach the Navajo codes.
(d) Changing the nature of ciphers.

5. Why was J. Edgar Hoover angry?
(a) Because Roosevelt left him out of some important planning sessions.
(b) Because Roosevelt makes him hire several of Donovan's cronies.
(c) At Bill Donovan's appointment.
(d) Because the United States is willing to ally with communist Russia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why couldn't Roosevelt be openly pro-war?

2. Who did the Brits warn about Hitler's plans?

3. What was Brazil being used as by the Nazis?

4. For what did the Brits trade some of their technology and secrets?

5. What did Hitler want destroyed before invading England?

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