Objects & Places from A Man Called Intrepid: The Secret War

William Stephenson
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Object Descriptions

Point Douglas - This is near Winnipeg, Canada, where Stevenson grew up.

London - This is where Stevenson had his business office, which came to be a clearinghouse for information.

Bletchley - This is located in Buckinghamshire and the location of the Government Code and Cipher School.

New York City - This is where the BSC established its headquarters.

The Hole in the Ground - This refers to a myriad of underground rooms and the War Room under Whitehall.

Washington, DC - This was the location of the White House where Stevenson and others met with Roosevelt.

Paris - This was an occupied city where the agent Madeleine was captured.

Bermuda Station - This was an espionage center set up under hotels on an island off the coast of North Carolina.

Camp X - This was a British intelligence training facility located on a farm near Oshawa...

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