Daily Lessons for Teaching A Man Called Intrepid: The Secret War

William Stephenson
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Daily Lessons

Objective: War. The novel is set just before and during World War II. The object of this lesson is to look at war.

1) 1. Class discussion. Is war ever justified? War has been a part of humanity since the earliest times. Is war ever necessary? Is it ever desirable? What are some of the causes of war? Considering how much of the technology we have today came out of military needs, would the world look different if war had never existed? What are the positive and negative aspects of war?

2. Homework. Students will research and write a paper on WWII. Include a brief history of why it was started, how it ended and how it affected the people involved. Also students might write whether they believed the war was justified to the people who participated in it.

3. Group work. In groups students will list all the reasons why...

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