A Man Called Intrepid: The Secret War Character Descriptions

William Stephenson
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William Stevenson

This character grew up in Western Canada and was born on January 11, 1896.

Colonel Bill Donovan

This character was an American who traveled around the world gathering information and making reports to the United States President.

Reinhard Heydrich

This character rose to control of all of the Nazi intelligence forces and became known as the Butcher of Prague.


This character volunteered for the RAF but was trained for FANY and sent to Paris to be the radio operator for the PROSPER network.

Dr. Niels Bohr

This character was an important atomic scientist who worked in Copenhagen during the Nazi occupation.

Winston Churchill

This character became Prime Minister of England in May 1941, shortly before England was attacked.


This character was a British agent and the wife of a British diplomat, Arthur Pack.

Franklin Roosevelt

This character supported the Brits as much as he could given the...

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