A Man Called Intrepid: The Secret War Character Descriptions

William Stephenson
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Character Descriptions

William Stevenson - This character grew up in Western Canada and was born on January 11, 1896.

Colonel Bill Donovan - This character was an American who traveled around the world gathering information and making reports to the United States President.

Reinhard Heydrich - This character rose to control of all of the Nazi intelligence forces and became known as the Butcher of Prague.

Madeleine - This character volunteered for the RAF but was trained for FANY and sent to Paris to be the radio operator for the PROSPER network.

Dr. Niels Bohr - This character was an important atomic scientist who worked in Copenhagen during the Nazi occupation.

Winston Churchill - This character became Prime Minister of England in May 1941, shortly before England was attacked.

CYNTHIA - This character was a British agent and the wife of a British diplomat, Arthur Pack.

Franklin Roosevelt - This character supported...

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