A Man Called Intrepid: The Secret War Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

William Stephenson
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Chapters 1-4

• Chapter 1 relates William Stevenson's early life and his entry into the Royal Canadian Engineers and then Flying Corps during WWI.

• Stevenson was a German POW who escapes and writes a detailed report on German POW camps.

• After WWI, Stevenson studied radio communications, taught college and formed the British Broadcasting Company.

• There was much scientific research taking place in Germany and a revival of its militarism.

• Stevenson begins to think about the lack of an intelligence network.
• The Black Chamber was a group involved in codes and ciphers in the United States, and there wa no organized intelligence service.

• Hitler was in prison (1924) and writing Mein Kampf and beginning to attract a following.

• The Enigma was developed and Stevenson is able to learn about German communications because of his company, ITT.

• Most intelligence at this time came from private citizens such as Stevenson.

Chapter 5-8

• Germany prepared...

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