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Jonathan Harr
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Cheeseman implead into the case as a third defendant?

2. After the deposition process, who does Schlictmann believe is lying?

3. How much is Schlictmann's standard payment for his first consultation with an expert witness?

4. Why does the state environmental department originally come to Woburn in 1979?

5. What type of case does Schlictmann win that provides him with money for the Woburn case?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Charles Nesson's initial reaction to the Woburn case?

2. What does the three year Harvard School of Public Health Study of Woburn conclude?

3. Briefly describe what the "Woodshed Conference" is.

4. Before trial, Facher asks for a continuance. Why is this bad for the plaintiffs?

5. Why does John J. Riley sell the tannery to Beatrice Foods?

6. What is the basis of Schlictmann's work at Reed & Mulligan?

7. Briefly describe Jerome Facher's legal qualifications.

8. Why does Judge Skinner decide to become more involved with jury selection than is normally the case, and how is he more involved?

9. Do all three partners in Schlictmann's firm want to take on the Woburn case?

10. What is the official city response to the citizen's committee to do something about the water?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Jan Schlictmann, the man and the lawyer. What is his motivation in taking the case? How does he succeed? Is he successful from the public's viewpoint? From his own?

Essay Topic 2

This case is high profile. Discuss the publicity surrounding the case both pre-trial, during the trial, and post-trial. Do you think that this benefits the plaintiffs? The defendants?

Essay Topic 3

If the reports and information that came to light after the trial had been available during the trial, would the verdict have been different? Include a discussion of the EPA report, the Yankee Report, the information in the warehouse, etc.

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