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Jonathan Harr
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At a before trial settlement conference, how much does Schlictmann propose as a settlement?
(a) $5 million.
(b) $75 million.
(c) $175 million.
(d) $25 million.

2. When is Woburn's first commercial enterprise built?
(a) 1648.
(b) 1789.
(c) 1742.
(d) 1804.

3. In a pre-trial motion, Cheeseman asks that the venue be changed to where?
(a) Washington, DC.
(b) New York, NY.
(c) Bangor, Maine.
(d) Bridgeport, Conn.

4. What chemical is added to Wells G and H beginning in 1968?
(a) Germicide.
(b) Floride.
(c) Chlorine.
(d) Benzene.

5. What is the amount of the counter-offer that Schlictmann makes to Beatrice Foods settlement offer the week before trial?
(a) $20 million.
(b) $10 million.
(c) $18 million.
(d) $180 million.

6. What TV show films a segment on the Woburn case?
(a) Boston News.
(b) CNN.
(c) New York Beat.
(d) 60 Minutes.

7. By the fall of 1985 approximately how much has Schlictmann's firm spent on the Woburn case?
(a) $750,000.
(b) $250,000.
(c) $500,000.
(d) $1 million.

8. After meeting with lawyers, what Grace Chemical employee says "I do believe I'm on the wrong side of this whole thing."
(a) Donald Fredrico.
(b) Al Love.
(c) Paul Shalline.
(d) Henry Freer.

9. What Grace Chemical supervisor has drums of TCE and other waste buried under a new addition being built?
(a) Henry Wadsworth.
(b) Paul Shalline.
(c) Rick Collins.
(d) Bob Thomas.

10. What is Joe Mulligan's favorite bar?
(a) The Littlest Bar.
(b) Cheers.
(c) The Tatom Bar.
(d) The Tavern.

11. Where does Jan Schlictmann go to law school?
(a) Boston University.
(b) Harvard.
(c) Cornell University.
(d) New York University.

12. Judge Skinner has a lengthy and mutual friendship with which of the attorneys?
(a) Facher.
(b) Schlictmann.
(c) Jacobs.
(d) Cheeseman.

13. What is the name of Schlictmann's secretary during the Eaton discovery and trial?
(a) Karen Studebacker.
(b) Mary Bolin.
(c) Susan Shores.
(d) Kathy Boyer.

14. Where does Schlichtmann first set up his own practice?
(a) Newburyport, MA.
(b) Woburn, MA.
(c) Boston, MA.
(d) Northampton, MA.

15. What is the name of the law firm that was initially contacted about the leukemia clusters?
(a) Reed & Mulligan.
(b) Conway & Mulligan.
(c) Jones & Mulligan.
(d) Roisman & Mulligan.

Short Answer Questions

1. When is the complaint in the Woburn case filed?

2. Who releases the report "Woburn: Cancer Incidence and Environmental Hazards?"

3. Who is Donald Frederico?

4. What chemical does the state environmental department find in the water of Wells G and H?

5. How much does the maple conference table in Schlictmann's office cost?

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