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Jonathan Harr
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of Schlictmann's pre-trial settlement offer is meant to appeal to Judge Skinner?
(a) Eliminating specific attorney's fees.
(b) Establishing a leukemia foundation.
(c) Establishing a memorial to the leukemia victims.
(d) Spreading out the settlement over 30 years.

2. Why is TCE used during World War II at the tannery?
(a) To cure leather.
(b) For polish in shoes.
(c) To clean machinery.
(d) To waterproof boots.

3. Estimating the value of a case is somewhat like what?
(a) Estimating costs.
(b) Shopping.
(c) Creating a budget.
(d) Fortune telling.

4. What TV show films a segment on the Woburn case?
(a) Boston News.
(b) CNN.
(c) New York Beat.
(d) 60 Minutes.

5. Who is Shirley Conibear?
(a) Schlictmann's secretary.
(b) A professor at Harvard.
(c) A speacialist in hydrology.
(d) A specialist in environmental and occupational medicine.

6. Who says, "Through trials, society seeks not only to discover the truth about a past event, but also to forge a link between crime and punishment, between wrong and liability."
(a) Skinner.
(b) Klieman.
(c) Nesson.
(d) Blackman.

7. How much does the jury award the Eatons for the wrongful death of their son?
(a) $250,000.
(b) $70,000.
(c) $1,000,000.
(d) $500,000.

8. Where does the pre-trial settlement conference take place in Boston?
(a) Facher's offices.
(b) The judge's chambers.
(c) Schlictmann's offices.
(d) The Four Seasons hotel.

9. Who does Facher send out to Woburn for the purpose of finding out information?
(a) Neil Jacobs.
(b) Bill Crowley.
(c) John Smith.
(d) Henry Conway.

10. What governmental agency orderes the discontinuation of the use of TCE in the 1970s?
(a) OSHA.
(b) DOD.
(c) Massachusetts Agency of Contamination.
(d) EPA.

11. How is Judge Skinner selected for this trial?
(a) By lottery.
(b) By agreement of the parties.
(c) By the plaintiffs.
(d) By the defendants.

12. Who is Tom Kiley?
(a) An expert witness for Schlictmann.
(b) Schlictmann's banker.
(c) Schlictmann's assistant.
(d) Schlictmann's friend.

13. What type of case does Schlictmann win that provides him with money for the Woburn case?
(a) Toxic waste.
(b) Environmental.
(c) Medical malpractice.
(d) Criminal.

14. What is the name of Jimmy Anderson's doctor in Woburn?
(a) Dr. Jude.
(b) Dr. McLean.
(c) Dr. Clark..
(d) Dr. Johnson.

15. How much does Nesson estimate that the Woburn case is worth in punitive damages?
(a) At least half a million dollars.
(b) No less than $3 million.
(c) At least $1 million.
(d) Millions of dollars.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much is Facher's settlement offer that Schlictmann immediately rejects?

2. How old is the Anderson's son when he was diagnosed with leukemia?

3. Who is Rikki Klieman?

4. What is the length of the Statute of Limitations on personal injuries in Massachusetts?

5. What law professor tells his class: "Some cases a lwayer can't lose. Some, maybe, he can't win. You play the hand you're dealt."

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