A Civil Action Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Jonathan Harr
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1. When did Rev. Bruce Young arrive in Woburn to be the minister of Woburn Trinity Episcopal Church?


2. How far away from Boston is Woburn located?

12 miles.

3. What river runs through Woburn?

Aberjone River.

4. When is Woburn's first commercial enterprise built?


5. In the late 1800's what is Woburn's primary industry?


6. When do Charles and Anne Anderson move to Woburn?


7. How much do the Anderson's pay for their house in Woburn?


8. How old is the Anderson's son when he was diagnosed with leukemia?

1 year old.

9. What is the name of Jimmy Anderson's doctor in Woburn?

Dr. McLean.

10. When do residents of east Woburn begin to complain about the water?


11. What chemical is added to Wells G and H beginning in 1968?


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