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Jonathan Harr
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Rule 11; Orphans and Dogs; Discovery.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who writes a letter for publication in the Woburn Daily Times asking for parents with children who have been diagnosed with leukemia to meet?
(a) Rev. Young.
(b) Anne Anderson.
(c) Charles Ryan.
(d) Donna Robbins.

2. In the 1970s who is the world's foremost expert in leukemia clusters?
(a) Dr. John Truman.
(b) Dr. Thomas Clark.
(c) Dr. Clark Heath.
(d) Dr. Joseph Peters.

3. Who writes "Blood: Textbook of Hematology" which has a chapter on leukemic diseases?
(a) Dr. Joseph Cruse.
(b) Dr. Robert Truman.
(c) Dr. James Jandl.
(d) Dr. Alan Levin.

4. Who is Donald Frederico?
(a) An EPA regulator.
(b) A Grace Chemical executive.
(c) One of Cheeseman's young associates.
(d) The city engineer of Woburn.

5. What chemical does the state environmental department find in the water of Wells G and H?
(a) Benzene.
(b) Tetracycline.
(c) Arsenic.
(d) Trichloroethylene.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jan Schlictmann go to law school?

2. After the deposition process, who does Schlictmann believe is lying?

3. Who is the Grace Chemical employee who admits using TCE and dumping it at the back of the plant?

4. Who does Facher send out to Woburn for the purpose of finding out information?

5. How is Judge Skinner selected for this trial?

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