Objects & Places from A Civil Action

Jonathan Harr
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Woburn, Massachusetts

This is a small town north of Boston and the site of a childhood leukemia cluster which results in a lawsuit.


This is a federal agency charged with investigating all forms of pollution.

Rule 11

This is a federal judicial regulation which imposes severe fines for those who bring frivolous lawsuits.


This is the open solicitation of clients for a lawsuit.

Wells G and H

These are the sites which provided water to East Woburn and which were contaminated.

Trinity Episcopal Church

This is the place where Reverend Bruce Young was minister.

J.J. Riley Tannery

This is a company in Woburn and owned by Beatrice Foods.

W.R. Grace Chemical Company

This is a multi-national chemical corporation which has a subsidiary in Woburn.


These are parts of the body which perform a variety of functions relative to fighting disease.


This is a...

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