A Civil Action Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jonathan Harr
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Essay Topic 1

Describe the lawsuit involved in the book. Be sure to include a description of the claim, the plaintiffs, the defendants, etc.

Essay Topic 2

Although the City of Woburn is not named as a defendant, it plays a significant role in the events leading up to the filing of the complaint. Describe the City of Woburn's role with respect to the water supply and the complaints of the families. Why would the families and/or Schlictmann not want to include the city in the case? Why would they want to include the city?

Essay Topic 3

This case involves extensive use of expert witnesses. Choose either the plaintiff's or defendant's side. Describe how expert witnesses are used. Include who the witnesses were, what they are used to prove, whether they are effective, etc.

Essay Topic 4

Judge Skinner divides the trial into three phases. Describe the three phases. One...

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