A Civil Action Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jonathan Harr
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Boston, 1986; Woburn, Summer 1966; The Lawyer

• The book opens with the attorney for the plaintiff, Jan Schlictmann, watching as his Porsche is towed away.

• He is waiting for the verdict on the Woburn case.

• The case consumed him for nine years and cost over $2 million to bring to trial.

• The trial itself lasted only five months.
• In 1966, Woburn, MA, a small town twelve miles north of Boston, was a quiet, middle class town on the banks of the Aberjone River.

• Leather tanning used to be its main industry.

• Now there was only one tannery left, owned by Beatrice Foods.

• Monsanto and Grace Chemical Plants were newer corporate entities.
• Charles and Anne Anderson moved to East Woburn in 1965.

• By 1972, children in Woburn were becoming ill from leukemia, including the Anderson's three year old son, Jimmy.

• Anne became obsessed with finding out what caused leukemia and why so many children in...

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