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Short Answer Questions

1. When Hitler came to power, where was Einstein?

2. Some particles might match up with their anti-particles at what point?

3. Black holes are speculated to be clumped together due to what?

4. Einstein said that politics are for the present but equations are for how long?

5. Hawking used what kind of space-time to reach the conclusion that the universe is similar to a sphere?

Short Essay Questions

1. Using imaginary numbers allows time to do what?

2. Hawking concludes that life is only possible during the expansion phase of the universe for what reason?

3. When and why did Einstein become a pacifist?

4. Real time is described in math using what?

5. Einstein preferred what over the fleeting nature of politics?

6. According to Hawking, people are naturally curious about what?

7. The Catholic Church allowed Galileo to write a book, but said that it must do what?

8. Why did the Catholic church demand that Galileo stop writing about Copernican theory?

9. What does the psychological arrow of time represent?

10. What is Einstein's general theory of relativity's famous equation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Hawking simplifies many concepts in his book. Using the text to support your answer, what is the purpose of simplifying these ideas? How does Hawking accomplish this simplification of complex scientific ideas?

Essay Topic 2

Black holes exist in math, but not in observational reality. What does this mean for the evolution of ideas that scientists accept the idea of a new creation purely by seeing the math work? What does Hawking say about the evolution of ideas without observational proof? Please use the text to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Hawking often compares and contrasts science and God. Using examples from the text: What is the purpose of comparing and contrasting science and God?

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