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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Isaac Newton.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hawking is what type of physicist?
(a) Astro.
(b) Theoretical.
(c) Micro.
(d) Particle.

2. Quanta are made of what?
(a) Packets of emitted gamma radiation.
(b) Packets of emitted hydroelectric radiation.
(c) Packets of emitted astroelectric radiation.
(d) Packets of emitted electromagnetic radiation.

3. What does the letter C stand for in combinations of operations?
(a) Changing positive particles for negative particles.
(b) Changing matter particles for virtual particles.
(c) Changing heavy particles for light particles.
(d) Changing particles for antiparticles.

4. Infinities in partial theories can be canceled out through a process known as what?
(a) Renormalization.
(b) Rebalancing.
(c) Restructuring.
(d) Recontouring.

5. What is the second law of thermodynamics?
(a) In any closed system, time is relative.
(b) In any closed system, the ordering principles stay the same.
(c) In any closed system, disorder decreases over time.
(d) In any closed system, disorder increases over time.

Short Answer Questions

1. The idea of the big bang arises from what phenomena?

2. Heisenberg and Erwin Shrodinger developed what reformulation of standard mechanics?

3. How close is the closest star, other than the sun, to earth?

4. In what year did Stephen Hawking enter the Royal Society of London?

5. What does Hawking say math is useful for?

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