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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3 The Expanding Universe.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who brought forth the idea that the earth and planets revolve around the sun?
(a) Ptolemy.
(b) Copernicus.
(c) Aristotle.
(d) Galileo.

2. Who created the idea that a star can collapse and become a black hole?
(a) Robert Wilson.
(b) Arno Penzias.
(c) Alexander Friedmann.
(d) Roger Penrose.

3. What shape did Aristotle think the Earth was?
(a) Flat.
(b) Oval.
(c) A disk.
(d) A sphere.

4. What travels at the speed of 186,000 miles per second?
(a) Electrons.
(b) Light.
(c) Sound.
(d) Waves.

5. Galileo found the moons of what planet using his telescope?
(a) Mars.
(b) Jupiter.
(c) Saturn.
(d) Neptune.

Short Answer Questions

1. The universe has how many dimensions?

2. For satellites orbiting the earth, time does what in relation to the ground of the earth?

3. Aristotle and who believed that time is not absolute?

4. The universe is largely made up of what?

5. Stephen Hawking has what disease?

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