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Lesson 1 (from Introduction by Carl Sagan)


Introduction by Carl Sagan: The Introduction focuses on how various types of people answer, or ask, fundamental questions about the universe in comparison to scientists. This lesson focuses on the purpose of these fundamental questions.


1) Each student, as they enter class, should write down five questions they have about science and the universe after reading the Introduction. Then break into small groups and share the questions and try to answer them.

2) As a class, make a list of questions that Carl Sagan presents. Answer them from the perspective of a child, a teenager, and an adult. Have a discussion about why, or why not, the answers are different from the different perspectives. Would Carl Sagan agree with your reasons for different answers?

3) For discussion: Do we simply accept the universe as it is, or do we question it? Carl Sagan asks the question, why do...

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