A Brief History of Time Character Descriptions

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Stephen Hawking

This character is the author of the book and an esteemed theoretical physicist.

Albert Einstein

This character's famous equation is energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

Max Planck

This character's idea of quanta led to quantum mechanics.

Sir Isaac Newton

This character formulated several laws of physics, including gravity.


This character was the first purely theoretical scientist.


This character's view of the universe, that is was filled with spheres with the sun in the middle, was supported by the Catholic Church.

Nicholas Copernicus

This character was the first to propose that the earth orbits the sun and not the other way around.

Galileo Galilei

This character's book, smuggled out of Italy, became the foundation for modern physics.

Edwin Hubble

This character discovered the first galaxies outside of our own.

Murray Gell-Mann

This character discovered that protons, neutrons and electrons are made...

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