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Greg Iles
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Abby is discovered by Huey after she ran away, where is she taken?
(a) To the police station.
(b) To the cabin.
(c) Back home.
(d) To the hotel where Will is staying.

2. At the broker's office, what does Karen do?
(a) She tells the broker not to give Hickey the money.
(b) She does exactly what she is told.
(c) She runs away.
(d) She gets the broker to call the police.

3. Who does Will take inside the bank with him?
(a) Hickey.
(b) Cheryl.
(c) Karen.
(d) Dr. McDill.

4. Who sees the plane land and knows instantly that it is Will?
(a) Hickey.
(b) The FBI.
(c) Huey.
(d) Karen.

5. What special arrangements does Will make for Huey, at the conclusion of the book?
(a) Will makes sure Huey is charged as much for the crime as Hickey would have been.
(b) To not press charges against him.
(c) Make arrangments to make sure Hickey will not be able to find him.
(d) To have him admitted to the psychiatric ward at the hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Hickey is pulling into the airport, Hickey calls Huey, and Huey reports what information about Abby?

2. Where does Cheryl suggest that Huey may have taken Abby?

3. Where do Karen and Hickey get dressed to go in the morning after the kidnapping occurs?

4. What information is Will able to discover from the plane's radio while he is trying to locate Abby?

5. In Hickey's scheme, what information does Cheryl confess to Will is different this time from all the other kidnappings?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what actions Will suggests the FBI take in order to locate Abby in Chapter 15.

2. In Chapter 16, describe how Hickey finds out that the FBI have been contacted.

3. Describe how Hickey's actions toward Stephanie Morgan in Chapter 15 reminds the reader about Hickey's personality.

4. Briefly explain the end result for all three of the kidnappers, Hickey, Huey, and Cheryl, as described at the end of Chapter 20.

5. In Chapter 12, why does Karen feel the need to warn Will?

6. What information about Abby's location does Will want to receive from Cheryl and what does he actually receive, throughout Chapter 13?

7. Explain who Stephanie Morgan is and her role in Chapter 15.

8. Explain how Will finally receives Cheryl's help in Chapter 18?

9. In Chapter 11, explain how Cheryl tries to relax Will.

10. Explain Chery's actions in Chapter 20 after the plane starts burning.

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