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Greg Iles
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the purpose of the drug Restorase?
(a) To counteract the effects of the drug Anectine.
(b) To control paralysis.
(c) An additive cancer drug.
(d) To control psychosis.

2. What happens when Abby attempts to call 911?
(a) The battery of the phone dies.
(b) She gets through to the police.
(c) She gets a recording informing her that the service is not available.
(d) Huey catches her and takes the phone.

3. How does Will find out that Abby was kidnapped?
(a) The kidnapping is on the news.
(b) Karen calls Will's hotel room.
(c) From the woman who Will lets use his phone.
(d) From kidapper's Huey Cotton.

4. Where does Hickey direct Karen to when they return to the Jennings's home after tending to Abby?
(a) The basement.
(b) The kitchen.
(c) The bedroom.
(d) Outside.

5. Karen is the chairperson of what organization?
(a) The Junior League flower show.
(b) The Mississippi Medical Association.
(c) The Junior League baseball card exhibit.
(d) The Junior beauty pagnant.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 2, Karen and Abby drive Will to what location?

2. What is Cheryl's former occupation?

3. Which character arrives at the McDonald's lot and finishes a carving of a bear?

4. What does the kidnapper do to keep Karen from knowing where they are going?

5. Karen is able to talk to who while Will continues to talk to the cell phone provider?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 10, why does Hickey tell Will that he should not have Huey's cell phone signal traced?

2. How does Will Jennings first meet Cheryl Lynn Tilly in Chapter 4?

3. In Chapter 5, what makes the decision for Dr. and Mrs. McDill to go to the FBI so difficult?

4. In Chapter 10, Will's connection with the cell phone provider is explained. What is it?

5. Describe what happens when Abby finds the cell phone in Chapter 8.

6. During Chapter 9, Dr. and Mrs. McDill talk with Special Agent Chalmers about what?

7. Karen holds Hickey at gunpoint in Chapter 3. How does Hickey convince her that it is in her best interest to let him go?

8. What danger comes about for Abby when the McDill's go to the FBI about their son's kidnapping in Chapter 9?

9. Describe the drug Restorase that Will is presenting at the medical association meeting, as described in Chapter 4.

10. Why is Margaret McDill convinced that she and her son Peter will surely be murdered, in Chapter 1?

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