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Greg Iles
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the beginning of Chapter 3, who does Hickey attempt to reassure that Abby is safe?
(a) Karen Jennings.
(b) Will Jennings.
(c) Cheryl Lynn Tilly.
(d) Margaret McDill.

2. What does Karen try to do to distract Hickey once they return from the cabin to keep him from forcing himself on her?
(a) She gives him a sleeping pill.
(b) She tries to get him drunk.
(c) She calls the police.
(d) She locks him in the basement.

3. How does Karen help Hickey after she injures him?
(a) She gives him her cell phone.
(b) She stitches his wound.
(c) She gives him the ransom money.
(d) She surrenders.

4. Karen really uses her time alone in the bathroom to do what?
(a) Find medication to drug Hickey.
(b) Call the police.
(c) Call her husband.
(d) Find a weapon.

5. Where is the Mississippi Medical Association's annual meeting held?
(a) Biloxi.
(b) Belmont.
(c) Clarksdale.
(d) Jackson.

6. What is Huey doing when Abby tries to run away?
(a) Getting food for Abby.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Going to the bathroom.
(d) Talking to Hickey on the phone.

7. How does Will say goodbye to his daughter?
(a) He does not say goodbye.
(b) He gives her a hug and a kiss.
(c) He waggles the wings of the airplane.
(d) He simply waves.

8. What does the FBI want to have completed before the kidnappers are tipped-off that they are suspects in the kidnapping crime?
(a) The FBI has nothing to do with the case.
(b) The current kidnapped child needs to be returned.
(c) The ransom needs to be paid.
(d) More evidence needs to discovered.

9. As Will continues to track the cell phone president, what occurs?
(a) He is not willing to help.
(b) He continues to not answer.
(c) He does not believe Will's story.
(d) He tries his best to track the cell phone call.

10. Where did Hickey meet Cheryl?
(a) Through a mutual friend.
(b) At a strip club.
(c) During college.
(d) At an AA meeting.

11. Will is instructed to contact his accountant and state that he needs cash for what?
(a) To transfer money to another bank.
(b) Jewlrey for his wife.
(c) A rare sculpture.
(d) A famous painting.

12. Will and Karen are given no choice but to conclude the kidnapping by __________.
(a) Continuing to call the police.
(b) Killing Hickey.
(c) Conceding like the families before them.
(d) Running away and trying to find Abby themselves.

13. What is the purpose of the drug Restorase?
(a) To counteract the effects of the drug Anectine.
(b) To control psychosis.
(c) An additive cancer drug.
(d) To control paralysis.

14. What is the kidnapper's excuse to not let Karen go to the bank?
(a) Will has to be one who gets the money.
(b) She cannot leave the house.
(c) The banks are about to close.
(d) It is a holiday and the banks are not open.

15. How much money will Will convince his accountant to transfer?
(a) $500,000.
(b) $200,00.
(c) $750,000.
(d) $1,000,000.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before Hickey tries to have sex with Karen, Hickey allows Karen alone for a minute to do what?

2. Karen is the chairperson of what organization?

3. How much time passes between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2?

4. What major character does Will first notice while giving his speech?

5. Karen is able to talk to who while Will continues to talk to the cell phone provider?

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