24 Hours Short Essay - Answer Key

Greg Iles
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1. Explain Joe Hickey's, Huey Cotton's, and Cheryl Lynn Tilly's typical kidnapping scheme, as described in Chapter 1.

So far Hickey, Huey, and Cheryl have committed five kidnappings. They hold the child of a doctor for ransom while they keep the parents under lock and key for a total of 24 hours. They ask for a certain amount of ransom money, enough money that they can all three live on for an entire year. They have always been able to return the child safely because no parents have called the police due to the fact that Hickey promises to murder the child if the police are contacted.

2. Why is Margaret McDill convinced that she and her son Peter will surely be murdered, in Chapter 1?

Hickey has allowed Margaret to see his face and to know his name. Thus, Mrs. McDill is sure that Hickey would not have provided all of this information with the chance that authorities will be notified of Hickey's horrible actions.

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