24 Hours Fun Activities

Greg Iles
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Letter to the author

Write a letter to Greg Iles. Describe your likes and dislikes about the book "24 Hours." If you could change the story in any way, explain to Iles what you would change. Also, what questions would you ask?

Movie Poster

Hollywood has decided to make a movie based on the book "24 Hours." Create the ultimate movie poster.

Re-write the last chapter

Re-write the last chapter from the Hickey's point of view. How would the readers opinion of Hickey change, if at all?

Act out a scene from the story

Have the students break into groups and pick a scene from the book and act it out. The scene does not have to taken directly from the book. They can take the characters and be creative with different scenes and dialogues.

Apply the story to a different setting

What if the story from the book had...

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