24 Hours Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Greg Iles
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Chapters 1-2

• Margaret McDill sits in the car with Joe Hickey and waits to be reunited with her child.

• Hickey promises that Mrs. McDill and her son, Peter, will survive.

• Hickey warns Mrs. McDill that if she ever goes to the police about the kidnapping then he will kill both her and her son.
• Huey Cotton gives a bear figurine carving to Peter.

• Huey receives a phone call that it is alright to release the child.

• Peter McDill enters the restaurant and searches for his mother.

• Margaret and Peter are reunited.
• Will is taken to the airport so he can go his Medical Association's annual meeting where he is the keynote speaker.

• Karen and Abby go home, and Karen gets ready to check Abby's blood sugar.

• A man takes Abby and drugs her with a rag soaked in chloroform and slips her out the window to his partner...

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