Enigma Characters

Robert Harris (novelist)
This Study Guide consists of approximately 34 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Enigma.
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Enigma Characters

Robert Harris (novelist)
This Study Guide consists of approximately 34 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Enigma.
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Tom Jerichoappears in Enigma

Tom Jericho is a mathematical genius. He is 26 years-old. He graduated from Cambridge University. Jericho is a very logical person who lets pragmatism rule his life. He only has one emotional part of his life and that is Claire. He dated and fell in love with Claire. He told her everything, something he never did before. Then he receives a breakup letter from her. Jericho is devastated. However, he must focus on his job as a cryptologist, or one who cracks codes for the British navy. He resides in Bletchley Park, the government communication headquarters. He works in Hut 8, trying to crack the notorious Shark code. The pressure is on Jericho. He almost cannot handle it. The first time he broke the code, he had a breakdown. This is time he is near a breakdown because he has not slept in days and has fallen ill. Still, Jericho continues on, working hard to crack Shark once more.

Jericho does not talk much. He agrees to mostly everything as long as he is left in peace. When Claire disappears, he begins to break down emotionally because he breaks into her cottage and finds the stolen cryptograms. But he does not tell the authorities. He keeps the information to himself. He also keeps on task on cracking Shark. He is the star cryptologist and the British navy's only chance of cracking this code. He does not break under the pressure. He cracks the code using his logic. He continues to love Claire, even though she had many boyfriends beside him. Jericho leaves the Park, a broken man, but a man who needs to move onto a new life.

Hester Wallaceappears in Enigma

Hester Wallace is Claire's roommate and works at Bletchley Park. Hester has a large chip on her shoulder for being a woman in a man's world. Hester wants to be taken seriously and have the same responsibilities at work as her male counterparts. Hester is extremely intelligent, smarter than her male bosses. She won a crossword puzzle contest and was recruited as a clerk for the Park. But the men that placed lower than her in the contest received higher-ranking jobs as cryptanalysts. Hester is jealous of these men because she believes their job is rightfully hers.

Hester cannot relate to the usual, frivolous women. She does not converse with them or desire to be part of their group. She does not wear makeup or make herself look beautiful. She finds all these things silly. Yet Claire did all these things and Hester found Claire endearing. Hester lives before her time, since she is a feminist and strong woman. When she finally wears makeup and looks nice, she sees it as a means to get the information she needs. Hester is a religious woman who believes strongly in the Bible and Christian virtues, often using Bible passages to calm her. Hester is a daring person as well. She helps Jericho unlock the mystery of Claire's disappearance, going against the authorities. Hester does not believe in the authorities because they do not treat women equally. Hester finally displays womanly emotion when she is told Claire is dead. She weeps openly. But after she deals with these emotions, her logical side returns, and she takes on the maternal role of planning Claire's memorial.

Claire Romillyappears in Enigma

Claire Romilly is a beautiful and silly woman. She is a Nordic blond who works in the Park. She was Jericho's girlfriend, but dumps him. She has many boyfriends. She disappears, but has stolen cryptograms and hidden them in her room. In actuality, Claire was a British spy put in the Park. Her real name was not Claire because she took on the identity of a deceased girl.

Alan Turingappears in Enigma

Alan Turing is an old professor of Jericho's. He was Jericho's mentor at Cambridge University. He recommended Jericho for the cryptologist job. He invented a cryptology machine.

Guy Loggieappears in Enigma

Guy Loggie is Jericho's boss at Bletchley Park. He believes that Jericho is the best cryptologist and brings him to the Park to crack Shark.

Jimmy Kramerappears in Enigma

Lieutenant Jimmy Kramer is an American. He tells Jericho that the British navy has a major secret. He was friends with Claire.

Ethel Armstrongappears in Enigma

Ethel Armstrong is the owner of the boarding house where Jericho stays in the town of Bletchley. She demands strict behavior from her boarders, has strict rules and makes the boarders give her their rations coupons for buying groceries. She hoards the food for herself. She spies on all the boarders.

Leonard Skynnerappears in Enigma

Leonard Skynner is the head of Jericho's department. He hates Jericho. When Jericho tries to punch him and misses, he almost fires him. Skynner is a cocky and annoying boss who makes speeches about nothing.

Walter Weitzmanappears in Enigma

Walter Weitzman is a German Jew who the Nazis forced out of Germany. He works at the Park. He helps Jericho find out important information about Claire. He does not like undermining the authorities and only helps Jericho that once.

Douglas Wigramappears in Enigma

Douglas Wigram is an agent for the Foreign Office. He questions Jericho on Claire's whereabouts. In actuality, he put Claire at the Park to find the spy who has been giving information to the Germans.

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