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The Author (Albert Camus) - This person is regarded as one of the earliest and most influential contributors to the development of existentialism.

Prometheus - This character is a Titan, one of the ancestors of the Olympian gods.

Cain - This person is the oldest son of Adam, the first man.

(Marquis de) Sade - This person's unusual tastes and practices gave rise to a term that means to take pleasure in the suffering of others.

The Dandy - This person is, in the author's perspective, the embodiment of romanticism.

Dostoyevsky / Ivan Karamazov - This person was a famous Russian novelist and philosopher known for creating this character in one of his most popular novels.

Nietzsche and Stirner - These German philosophers were advocates of nihilism.

Lautrémont and Rimbaud - These poets, in the author's mind, took Romantic principles of rebellion in another direction.


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