Objects & Places from Long Time Coming

Sandra Brown
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This is where Marnie Hibbs lives.

The Houston Telephone Directory

This is the project Marnie is working on. She isn't hired for this project but is later hired by the same agency for other projects.


This is Law's dog. This dog hates women but makes friends with Marnie when Marnie releases the dog from the utility room following Law's party.

The Victory

This is the spaceship Law Kincaid served on.

The Challenger

This is the space ship that explodes during lift off.

The Tornadoes

This is the soccer team David plays for.

The Pirates

This was David's first Little League team.

The Philippines

This is where Law was stationed when David was five.


This is where Sharon and Marnie meet Law and where David was conceived.


This is the space program where Law is employed as a pilot.


This is what Law gives...

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