Crossing the River Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who is Edward Williams?

Edward Williams is a rich plantation owner who considers himself a good Christian. He pities slaves and the cruelty they endure, yet he owns slaves and looks at them in a condescending manner.

2. Describe the American Colonization Society.

The American Colonization Society is a Baptist group that is supposedly dedicated to repatriating former slaves in America to Liberia. The purpose is so that the former slaves bring the word of the Gospel to 'heathens' in Liberia, but the secondary benefit of the existence of this program is so that social stress can be eased by the removal of some slaves in the American South.

3. Do you think that the American Colonization Society sincerely believes in helping former slaves?

No, they are mainly trying to get rid of some slaves in the American South to ease social stress, and they know that malaria will kill off many during the arduous journey or afterward in the harsh African climate.

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