Objects & Places from Brighton Beach Memoirs

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Brighton Beach

This location in the play is an ocean-side neighborhood in the southern parts of Brooklyn.


The narrator of the play regularly writes in this object, detailing the eccentricities of his family.


This ailment caused the death of Blanche’s husband, David, six years prior to the beginning of the play.

Heart Attack

The narrator’s father suffers from this ailment in the second act of the play.

Hat Store

This is where Stanley Jerome works to help support his family.

U.S. Army

In Act II, Stanley intends to enlist with this organization but decides not to because his family needs him at home.


The character of Blanche Morton suffers from this physical ailment.

Heart Flutter

The character of Laurie Morton suffers from this physical ailment in the play.


Nora Morton is obsessed with auditioning for this Broadway play in Brighton Beach...

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