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Chapters 1-3

• Mr. Pontellier struggles to read his paper amid the rural, non-business environment in which he finds himself.

• He notices Madame LeBrun, owner of the cottages where he and his family are vacationing ordering others around.

• He also sees his wife, Edna Pontellier, and her friend, Robert LeBrun, enjoying one another's company.

• When Edna and Robert join him, he cannot understand why Robert finds Edna interesting at all.

• Mr. Pontellier leaves to spend time at Klein's and enjoy the company of other like-minded men. His sons follow him.
• Mrs. Pontellier and Robert stay behind on the porch.

• Robert smokes cigarettes because he cannot afford cigars

• We learn that Robert spends all his summers here with his mother and that Edna originally comes from Kentucky.

• Edna goes inside while Robert plays with the children who adore him.
• Mr. Pontellier returns from his evening in high spirits but is...

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