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Rachel Caine

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Stillhouse Lake Overview

In Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine, life in the family of convicted serial killer Melvin Royal is not easy. Gwen Procter, his ex-wife, becomes strong for her children (Lanny and Connor) as they learn to live under fake names and move often to keep Internet bullies who might hurt them at bay. Finally, the uprooted family begins to put down roots. After seeing that moving again would upset the children, Gwen decides against leaving Stillhouse Lake, even after a body is discovered in the lake. The body has been mutilated in Melvin’s style. Horror sets in when Gwen realizes that even from his jail cell, Melvin has backed her and her children into a corner near a copycat murderer who plans to kill her. Themes in the novel include misplaced trust, dangerous assumptions, and gun safety.

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