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Slavery Understanding the origins, justification, and economy of slavery is crucial to understanding American society, the coming of the Civil War, and the effect of that war on American culture and i... Read more
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Slave Labor Overview Through most of human history societies have used slavery as a form of labor. The ancient Greeks, Native American tribes, the Roman Empire, the ancient Egyptians, Nazi Germany, an... Read more
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Slavery Introduction The history of slavery testifies not only to the economic benefits it provides the enslavers, but also to the credence that certain people are innately inferior to others. Whether... Read more
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African Slavery in the Colonies Slaves and the Revolution The South, the North, and Abolition Slave Culture The Southern Reaction The Fugitive Slave Law Secession and War The Legacy of Slavery Read more
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In the United States slavery is understandably associated with the South since it was the Southern states that so vigorously defended the practice during the nineteenth century. However, to understand... Read more