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Megan Miranda

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All the Missing Girls Overview

All the Missing Girls, a novel by Megan Miranda, is the story of Nicolette Farrell, a young woman who escapes from her hometown after her best friend, Corinne, disappears only to have the events of that night resurface ten years later when another girl disappears. The story covers the first two weeks of Nicolette’s return in reverse, revealing Nicolette’s ties to the people who last saw Corinne alive. By traveling backwards to connect the dots of her life, Nicolette finally admits that she killed Corinne, realizes that it is time for her to pay for her crime and comes to terms with the fact that she will always be tied to the people and place she tried to escape. The themes of the difficulty of knowing when a story is true, the myths humans create to explain the unknown, the difficulty of determining who is good and who is bad, the dual nature of human beings, and the difficulty of really knowing another person appear throughout the narrative.

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