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John A. Flanagan
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The Royal Ranger – The Ranger’s Apprentice by John A. Flanagan is the story of a princess who becomes the first female King’s Ranger in the history of the kingdom of Araluen. Princess Madelyn, or Maddie as she is known, is a spoiled and privileged princess. She is a fifteen-year-old who finds the life of a princess boring. She is adept at tracking and hunting with her leather sling loaded with lead balls. Against her parent’s orders, she sneaks out at night and hunts in the dark forest. She gives her prey to the sentries who appreciate the fresh fowl and game.

Maddie’s parents confront her about her dangerous behavior. There are bears and other creatures in the forest as well as brigands and outlaws. She is particularly vulnerable to kidnapping because of her position in the monarchy. She is a royal princess and she is next in line to rule the kingdom following the ascension of her mother, Princess Cassandra, who soon take the throne because her father, King Duncan, is old and very ill and there is no hope for his recovery.

But Maddie is rebellious and argues with her parents about how she spends her time. She is not interested in sitting in her ivory tower sewing and doing needlework and polishing her tiara. She wants some excitement and drama in her life.

Will Treaty is a legendary and heroic King’s Ranger. He was once a happy-go-lucky fellow but his wife was murdered and he is obsessed with avenging her death. He runs the risk of being suspended from the Ranger Corps because he has rejected missions and only wants to focus on finding and bringing to justice the murderers of his wife. Gilan, the Commandant of the Rangers, wants the old Will back and wants to find a way to shake him out of his doldrums.

Gilan (who heads the King's Rangers) and Halt (a wise, retired Ranger) devise a plan that will help both Maddie and Will. Halt is the first to suggest the controversial idea. He recommends that Maddie be named the first female Ranger and apprentice under Will. By training under Will, Maddie will learn discipline and will come to understand what dedication, humility and loyalty all mean. As for Will, he will be distracted from his grief by having a young trainee to challenge. She is sure to challenge him in many ways.

Although both parties are reluctant and unsure at first, they embark on this unusual undertaking. Maddie has to learn to leave her life of privilege behind and become subservient to Will who creates a stringent training program for her. At first she balks at doing menial chores and cleaning up after herself, but she learns that being a Ranger is more than just shooting straight. She comes to recognize that a Ranger is fit in mind, body and spirit.

Gilan sends them on a mission to find out who murdered another Ranger. Their investigation leads to unexpected results. Maddie proves herself to be worthy of the title of King’s Ranger. Her parents are proud of her and reinstate her as a princess. Maddie understands the responsibility of being a princess and is dedicated to the kingdom, but her first request after becoming a royal again is to be able to finish her Ranger training with Will.

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This section contains 566 words
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