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Rick Riordan
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“The Demigod Diaries” by Rick Riordan is a book of demigod adventures that features four main stories. In the first story, “The Diary of Luke Castellan”, Luke and his fellow demigod Thalia are first seen following a magic goat called Amaltheia across Virginia. Thalia is the demigod daughter of Zeus. She doesn’t have much contact with her father but she is certain that he sent the goat to take her on this mission. The goat leads them to a rundown house in Richmond Virginia and then disappears in a mist. They enter the large house which was obviously once a grand residence but has been abandoned and is in disrepair. The demigods see pairs of eerie red eyes staring at them from the dark. Then they hear a man’s voice calling to them. They discover that a fellow demigod, Halcyon Green, demigod of Apollo and a rather old man compared to them, has been imprisoned in the house and needs their help to escape. They have to deal with the deadly creatures that keep Halcyon trapped in the house and they have to figure a way out to save their own lives.

In “Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes”, the demigod Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, and his demigod girlfriend, Annabeth, daughter of Athena, are summoned by Hermes, Messenger of the Gods and the God of Travel, who has lost his staff – the Staff of Asclepius. Hermes is not able to function without the staff and the gods will not be able to communicate which will leave them vulnerable to their enemies. Percy and Annabeth have to deal with a “small” giant who is a thief and the guilty party. He lives below Manhattan in the sewer system and is not inclined to return the staff to Hermes. Percy has to resort to his powers over water to finally triumph over the thieving giant.

“Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford” is a hair-raising tale about an errant table that ran off with a device in its drawers that can save Camp Half-Blood. If the device is not found in sixty minutes, the Argo II, the flying ship that Leo is building will explode. The demigods Leo, Piper and Jason must follow the table tracks to find the table. But during their pursuit they have to fight off a dangerous gang of Maenads, followers of Dionysus, who are determined to kill them. In the end, it takes the brilliant inventiveness to trap the Maenads and render them harmless, get the table back, install the missing device in the Argo II and save the day.

“Son of Magic” is written by Haley Riordan who is Rick Riordan’s son and was 16-years-old when he wrote the book. Alabaster, the demigod son of Hectate, is being chased by his mad and mendacious sister, Lamia. She is determined to kill all the demigods because Hera promised to return her dead children to life once all the demigods were destroyed. Alabaster is at a loss on how to deal with Lamia who, as a minor goddess, cannot die, so he recruits the smartest mortal on earth to help him. Dr. Claymore was an expert on death and didn’t believe in the afterworld – that is, until he met Alabaster and his crazy sister, Lamia and was able to get a taste of the underworld and the immortality of the gods.

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This section contains 573 words
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