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Raymond E. Feist
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The story opens with Pug and Laurie working in the swamp where they are slaves to the Tsurani. Pug is from the land called Midkemia. The story is about the war between Tsuranuanni Empire and the Midkemian Kingdom and how it was brought to an end.

Pug and Laurie are brought into a plot to end the war by a Tsurani family. While under their ownership a Tsurani magician finds Pug and takes him to be trained to be what the Tsurani call a Great One. In the mean time Thomas is with the Elf Queen, Aglaranna. She and the others in her kingdom are worried that Thomas will soon become a very dangerous threat. Thomas was childhood friends with Pug but hasn't seen him since he was captured by the Tsurani. Thomas was given a gift by a dragon when he was a child. It is armor that belonged to a powerful being called a Valheru. The Valheru has the power to destroy all of them and they fear it is taking over Thomas. Things are further complicated by the fact that the Queen is in love with Thomas.

Pug begins his training as a Great One, which is a Tsurani magician. They have taken his memories and don't give them back until training is complete. They condition the mind so that the person feels absolute loyalty to the Empire. Pug is able to overcome these after he becomes a Great One. He feels loyalty to both worlds now but has managed to find his wal, which is a peaceful place within himself. Others wish him dead because they consider him a threat because of his home world. Prince Arutha is in Crydee on Midkemia. He takes several men with him to Krondor to find aid for the war. When he gets there the city has been captured by his cousin Guy du Bas-Tyra who seeks the crown. The flee back to Crydee without any aid to follow.

Pug is now called Milamber and has twice the strength of any other magician because he draws power from both worlds. He begins to look into how the rift works and decides that the Tsurani Empire is killing itself. Martin Longbow is traveling to the Elf Queens castle and when he gets there he realizes that Thomas is under the influence of the Armor he wears which once belonged to an ancient being called a Valheru. The Valheru were powerful beings that ruled over the people they created. He begins to be increasingly violent and when they capture Tsurani warriors Thomas beheads each one of them until he comes to a small boy that reminds him of Pug. His humanity overtakes the Valheru at this point and he is able to regain control. The Valheru is no longer a threat but the elves still wish him to not be ruler. The queen becomes pregnant with their child and Thomas takes her for wife without taking the throne.

Laurie takes a Tsurani, Kasumi to bring a message of peace to King Rodric but find that the King has gone mad. They flee for their lives and find Duke Borric who has been injured. While this occurs Pug looses control of his calmness and threatens the Warlord and must take his family and flee the Empire. When he gets to Midkemia he refers to himself as Pug again. Once the Duke is dead the King is injured as well and names Lyam the heir. They agree to sign the peace treaty with the Empire but Thomas is tricked into attacking while they try to sign. A battle erupts and Pug, Macros and Kulgan manage to shut the rift down forever. Lyam takes the throne and the kingdom sees it's first peaceful era in over nine years.

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This section contains 637 words
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