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Heir to the Empire Setting & Symbolism

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Stormtroopers are Imperial soldiers.

Wild Karrde

The Wild Karrde is a freighter ship that belongs to Talon Karrde, the smuggler. Mara Jade on the Wild Karrde is the one who senses Luke Skywalker's presence and stops to pick him up.

Sparti Cylinder

A Sparti cylinder is a metal object that Luke uncovers on Dagobah and takes with him to Nkllon for Lando to identify. Lando tells him that it is a beacon call for a ship, like a remote. Lando dates the cylinder to the pre-Clone War era.


Bpfassh is a double planet with a complicated system of moons around it. It is against Bpfassh that the Empire strikes out at as part of its three-pronged attack in preparation for the Sluis Van attack later on.

Sluis Van Shipyards

Sluis Van is a New Republic shipyards station. The shipyards store about a hundred ships. The Empire launches an attack on it using the stolen mole miners in order to steal more ships from the New Republic.


Bimmisaari is a planet that Leia, Luke, Han and Chewbacca visit on a diplomatic mission. While there, Leia and Luke are ambushed by the Noghri and narrowly escape. The attack comes as a result of a Bimm taking a bribe to put the group in harm's way.

Mount Tantiss

Mount Tantiss is a city on Wayland. This is where the Emperor's storehouse is located. Dark Jedi Joruus C'baoth, also known as the Guardian of the Mountain, guards it.


Wayland is the planet where the Dark Jedi Master Joruus C'baoth lives. It is a far away planet with a population of less then three million people, which is small by New Republic standards.


The ysalamir are tree-dwelling creatures found on the planet Myrkr. The Empire is taking them and this alerts Karrde that he should be taking them too— he knows that they are used to drastically reduce Jedi powers. The creatures are fur-scaled and salamanderlike. They cling to the branches in the forest on Myrkr—this is how it receives its nourishment. They push back the Force. A single ysalamir can sometimes create a bubble as large as ten meters across; a whole group of them reinforcing one another can create larger ones.


The New Republic is located in Coruscant, previously the Imperial capital city. It is a large city, bustling with activity twenty-four hours a day.


A species of beings. Thrawn's assistant Rukh is a Noghri.


This is the system that, at the beginning of the book, the Empire launches their first attack on.


A star destroyer in the Imperial Fleet. Pallaeon and Tschel serve on this ship with the Grand Admiral Thrawn.


The Executor is a former Imperial star destroyer. This ship belonged to Darth Vader and crashed into the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor.

Death Star

The Death Star was an Imperial space station capable of mass destruction. Since it had flaws in its construction the Rebels were able to attack it and destroy it. It was still under construction when the Battle of Endor began.

Unknown Regions

The Unknown Regions are far points in the galaxy that Pallaeon calls "barbaric". Grand Admiral Thrawn spent many years in this area of the galaxy working hard to bring them all under Imperial rule. It was these successes that first got him promoted to Warlord which put him on the path to becoming a Grand Admiral.

Battle of Endor

The Battle of Endor was the deciding factor in the Rebellion's fight against the Empire. It was during this battle that Darth Vader and the Emperor were defeated and the second Death Star destroyed.


Myrkr is a planet most familiar to smugglers. It is not a well-known planet though it is close to the Imperial border with the Rebellion and well within the Old Republic's boundaries. It is covered with vast forests where the ysalamiri live. Talon Karrde has his operations based here.


Nkllon is a superhot planet where Lando has his current base of operations. The big industry on the planet is metal mining. It is located very close to its sun, making it impossible to get to the planet surface without an escort to shield an incoming ship. Ships coming in or out are required to have a special escort that shields them from the sun's powerful rays. Without such protection, a ship's hull would disintegrate in minutes.

Mole Miners

Mole miners are two-manned ships used on the surface of Nkllon for Lando's mining operations. The empire's attack on Nkllon is for the sole purpose of stealing these ships. The ships are shaped like cones with the tips chopped off. On the underside of the ship are plasma-jet drills that fire up and chop up the ground when placed on the surface.


Jomark is the planet that Grand Admiral Thrawn has agreed to take Joruus C'baoth to in order to await Luke Skywalker's arrival.


Sabbac is a card game similar to poker that is played at casinos and smugglers' spaceports.

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