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Beauty's Release by Anne Rice, writing as A. N. Roquelaure, is the third part of an erotic trilogy following Sleeping Beauty through her adventures after being rescued. Beauty is a royal sex slave who is kidnapped from the Village and sent to another kingdom to serve the Sultan. She finds love as she learns new ways of life in another realm and is forced to leave her love behind when she is rescued and returned to the life of nobility. Beauty's Release is an erotic fairy tale that explores sexual nature through the eyes of one of the best-known fairy tale characters created.

The first part of the trilogy introduces Princess Beauty to the life of a royal sex slave serving in the palace in Prince Charming's dominion. In the second part, Beauty is punished and sent to the Village to serve in disgrace. Beauty's Release opens in the cargo of a ship, where Beauty and several other royal sex slaves from the Village have been kidnapped and are being carried to another realm to serve the Sultan. Tristan cries continually because he misses his Master, Nicolas, whom he loves. Laurent and Beauty discuss love, leading Laurent to decide he does not understand the love she talks about. Laurent reminisces about Palace life and his time in the Village on the Punishment Cross, ending with the raid.

The ship pulls into harbor and the slaves are paraded through the marketplace into the Sultan's palace where they are led into a courtyard and positioned for inspection. Lexius, the first Master that inspects the new slaves, chooses Laurent, Elena, Tristan and Beauty, and he leads them to a chamber where he informs them that he demands perfection from his slaves. He inspires loyalty and the desire to please him in all of his slaves.

After Beauty is bathed and prepared by the grooms, Lexius leads her down a corridor into a chamber with a small passage. Master coaxes her through the passage where she finds the Harem of Beautiful and Virtuous Wives. The Harem carries her to a couch where they examine her genitals before pleasuring her. Meanwhile, Laurent and Tristan are also prepared for their servitude. Lexius arrives to lead them to a garden where male slaves are mounted on crosses. As Tristan is mounted, Laurent taunts Lexius about being a eunuch to avoid being mounted on his cross.

Beauty awakes with the Harem still caressing her and sees a woman standing apart from the others, staring at Beauty. When the others notice the woman, they bow to her in respect, leading Beauty to conclude that this beautiful woman is the Sultana. Once she leaves the Harem, Beauty is bathed, oiled, and then positioned in a niche where she is unable to move. An unseen person cracks the doors, and Beauty is left feeling very lonely. In Lexius' bedchamber, Laurent is forced to perform oral sex on Lexius but he overpowers, rapes and beats Lexius.

The doors finally open completely and a lord approaches Beauty. When the lord introduces himself as Inanna while releasing Beauty from her bonds, Beauty realizes it is the Sultana from the Harem. Inanna leads Beauty to her bedchamber where she inspects Beauty. When Beauty begins to explore Inanna, she finds that Inanna's genitals have been mutilated inhibiting sensation, but Beauty still manages to bring Inanna to climax. The two women fall asleep in each other's arms.

Lexius leads Laurent back to the Garden of Male Delights where Laurent is mounted upside-down on his cross and whipped. A banquet takes place and after the lords eat, the slaves are removed from their crosses and repeatedly raped orally and anally. After the lords are sexually satiated, Laurent is pulled from the circle of slaves and led to a chamber full of other slaves, including Tristan, who are oiled and groomed again. The slaves are led to the Sultan's garden where they are inspected before the Sultan finally chooses Tristan and Laurent as his companions for the evening.

Lexius leads Tristan and Laurent to the Sultan's bedchamber where they are forced to chase a ball before Tristan, Laurent and the Sultan have sex. After, Lexius and Laurent leave the Sultan's room. Laurent falls asleep during his bath and awakens in Lexius' bedchamber, where he masters Lexius again. Laurent demands Tristan be brought to him and the two discuss their pasts and presents before they both master Lexius. As Lexius leads them toward the garden to be mounted on their crosses, four lords approach them.

Beauty awakens to knocking and, realizing their danger, wakes Inanna and bids her farewell. Beauty rushes away so as not to implicate Inanna in her disappearance. Several lords see her, and when she runs away, they chase her. They carry her to a ship that moves out of the harbor. Tristan refuses to leave with the men. Laurent insists that Lexius accompany them, and when Lexius is given the opportunity, he refuses to remain in the Sultanate.

On the ship, the slaves mourn leaving the Sultanate to return to Queen Eleanor's realm. Beauty and Laurent manage to become lovers during their journey. Near the end of their voyage, the Captain of the Guard presents Beauty with clothes and announces her release from slavery, causing her much anguish.

Laurent, Tristan and Lexius are bound and taken to the palace for the Queen's sentencing. The Queen decides to keep Lexius but sentences the others to one year in the pony stables. Tristan and Laurent are taken to the stables where the head groom, Gareth, instructs them and prepares them for their work. After the day's work is done, the ponies are released into a recreation yard where they are raped many times. Laurent rapes one of the other ponies, Jerard, in retribution and becomes his Master.

Beauty refuses all of her suitors but she is interested in this prince. She masters him and he begs to serve her but she rejects him as well. Lexius has adjusted to life as a pony, with Jerard as his slave and Gareth as his lover. The Captain of the Guard arrives one day and tells Laurent that his father has died and he is now king. Laurent returns to his kingdom and sets everything to rights. When he is told that he needs a wife, he travels to see Beauty and demands that she marry him. She is delighted and the two set off to be married and "live happily ever after."

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