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Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. The method of finding one's way through the hierarchies is by using

2. Why does the Narrator almost leave the building with Chris?

3. Sylvia says she thinks the Narrator looks like he saw a

4. The travelers stay in cabins in Gardiner made by the owner who is a craftsman as evidenced by

5. The range of human knowledge today creates

Short Essay Questions

1. The Narrator says: "If you want to build a factory, or fix a motorcycle, or set a nation right without getting stuck, then classical, structured, dualistic subject-object knowledge, although necessary, isn't enough." What does he mean?

2. Which gumption trap is most often a problem for you and how to you overcome it?

3. What hoped-for phenomena resulted from the abolition of grades in his classes?

4. The book has an Afterword (chapter 33). In it the author tells how Chris was brutally murdered at age 22 and that the author now has a young daughter. How has she helped to put his life "back in perspective again"? What is that perspective? (refer to chapters 24 and 25 also)

5. What are some of the things John likes about Miles City, Montana? What do these indicate about the city? About John?

6. Why was Phaedrus repulsed by Yellowstone Park? What do you think is Yellowstone's real-life parallel?

7. Why did the thought of teaching Quality seem so confusing, yet so appealing, to him?

8. What aspects of teaching were frustrating for Phaedrus?

9. What does the last sentence of the chapter mean: "I am a pioneer now, looking onto a promised land."

10. Why is the Narrator apprehensive about seeing DeWeese?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Narrator is in a sarcophagus in one part of the book (chapter 23). Earlier he had been in a large, white room. Both had a glass door with his family on the other side. In both cases, Chris wants him to open the door. Why could neither Chris nor his father open the door? What did the door symbolize? What was truly separating them? In one case, the Narrator tells Chris he will meet him at the top of the mountain, but in chapter 23, he says he will see him at the bottom of the ocean. What is the difference? Is there any progress between the two dreams?

Essay Topic 2

Phaedrus and DeWeese were baffled by, yet intrigued by, each other. Explain. Were there actions or words that caused this?

Essay Topic 3

What was the Greek's equivalent to Phaedrus' Quality? How is it explained or described?

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