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Robert M. Pirsig
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Phaedrus served in the

2. Riding in a car is different from riding on a motorcycle because

3. Sylvia begins to ask questions about Chris'

4. Unpacking at the campground is difficult due to

5. Phaedrus was despondent about his inability to

Short Essay Questions

1. A society which kills multitudes in wars, pollutes the land and oceans, and destroys the dignity of individuals is said to be a higher society than one that hunts and gathers. How can that be rationally explained?

2. Summarize how Poincaré's ideas fit closely to Phaedrus' ideas--like two sides of a jigsaw puzzle.

3. The Narrator chose a trip with various types of terrain as the backdrop for this book on philosophy. Every description is in the book for a reason. What does the 11,000 foot mountain summit represent? What do the switchcbacks correspond to the thinking being done at that time? Do the paved roads represent something? If so, what? What does the shining wall across the misty harbor seem to denote?

4. What is a priori knowledge and how are time and space examples of a priori knowledge?

5. Why do you suppose the Narrator calls Phaedrus' office a "find?" Do you think he did not know it was Phaedrus' office when he opened the door?

6. What is the difference between "What's new?" and "What is best?" What type of answer might you get to each question? Which question would you prefer to ask your friends? Which question would you rather have people ask you?

7. Based on what you have read through chapter 28, by way of predicting an outcome for the book, write a paragraph or two explaining a dream you think the Narrator will have near the end of the book.

8. How do the DeWeeses respond to seeing the Narrator again? What are their actions and reactions? What are their emotions and thoughts?

9. What are the various symbols of chapter 23 and what do you think they mean?

10. In chapter 13, the Narrator talks about Phaedrus' lecture about the "real university." What is a "real university" or a "real high school?" Start by explaining what a "real university" or a "real high school" is not. What is the primary goal of the "real university" or "real high school?"

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What traits does Chris have that were troublesome traits for Phaedrus?

Essay Topic 2

Various types of evidence can be used as proof of something. Hard evidence of having gone to a concert would be the ticket stub. Memories of what was sung at the concert would be another type of evidence. Intuition that proves true about the best parking spot for the concert is a third type of evidence. Give one example of each of four ways in which the Narrator knows that Phaedrus existed.

Essay Topic 3

Give and explain three examples of the Narrator's fascination with detail and care.

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